Welcome to my first attempt at having a blog!
I have always enjoyed taking photos.
I got my digital camera in 2006. All the pictures are taken with an HP Photosmart R727.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tall Ship from Columbia, leaving Commencement Bay in Tacoma, WA. Notice all the sailors at attention on the masts! Aug. 2008

Sun going down over the Puget Sound. I go for walks here overlooking the water. Makes walking the hills not quite as bad! Browns Point, WA Aug. 2008

Notice the bit of purple in the clouds as the sun was going down. Browns Point, WA Aug. 2008

The water was like glass. The rays of the sun were coming down through the clouds. This was taken about 8pm. Browns Point, WA Aug. 2008

Opened my front door, stepped out onto the porch and took the picture. Taken about 7pm.
The blue sky and white clouds...Federal Way, WA Aug. 2008

Also taken from my front porch. The wispy clouds against the blue sky. Aug. 2008

Roots of a tree. I thought the design was amazing. Tree in front of friends house in Culver City, CA Aug. 2008
The bark of the same tree. It looked like it had arms. Aug. 2008

Look what the tide brought in..seaweed on the beach. Santa Monica, CA Aug. 2008

View of the Palisades in Santa Monica, CA. The side of the hill has had major damage from earthquakes and mudslides, so you get the cool designs. Aug. 2008

Culver City, CA..Heart of the Screenland. Sculpture of a strip of film. Culver City was home of MGM Studios. I liked the reflection of the film strip on the water. Aug. 2008

Painted mural in an alley off Main Street in Culver City, CA. Aug. 2008

Was walking through a wetlands area and happened to see an Egret. Culver City, CA Aug. 2008

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