Welcome to my first attempt at having a blog!
I have always enjoyed taking photos.
I got my digital camera in 2006. All the pictures are taken with an HP Photosmart R727.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Natural History Museum, UK. Taken in Nov. 2007. I wanted to get the contrast of the building against the blue sky.

I took this in Mar. 2007. In my error I deleted all my pics, so I took a few pics before I went to airport. I glanced up at this tree and noticed that Big Ben was between the branches.

A side view of The London Eye, taken Nov. 2007

Fall at Hyde Park, UK. I just thought it was a cool effect with the water and leaves. Taken Nov. 2007

Also in Hyde Park. I waited till I could get both birds in the pic. Just by chance I caught water dripping from the swans beak. Nov. 2007

The sun was just at the right angle so got a cool shadow from the overly friendly squirrel at Hyde Park. Nov. 2007

Kirsten saw the bird on the fence. I just waited until it turned it's head. Hyde Park. Nov. 2007

A fall day at Hyde Park. The odd shape of the top of the tree caught my eye. Was a beautiful day, but very cold! Nov. 2007

Royal Albert Hall, UK. I loved how the clouds were reflected in the windows. Nov. 2007


Rachel, Jamin, Kara, Jace and Bryce said...

Your pictures are AWESOME! Where is my favorite of the animals? The one where they are all waiting to be fed?

Jessica said...

i love the pictures!! the one with the leaves and big ben peeking between the branches is sooo my favorite!!